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Kayaks & SUPs We Offer

When starting this business, I wanted to offer my clients top of the line kayaks and paddle boards in order to make their experience amazing and unforgettable! The kayaks I offer have the best seating in the industry when it comes to comfort and being able to use all day. The kayaks track well and are easy to paddle. Depending on what type of kayaking you would like to do, I offer specific fishing kayaks for fisherman, sit on top kayaks for everyone including kids, and sit in kayaks for people more experienced or for those who would love to learn. Each kayak has a different design so the stability is different on each style, but all the kayaks I offer are really stable and easy to get used to. The SUPs I offer are also top of the line and easy to use for every type of user. I wanted to offer inflatable SUPs for those who want to hike into the wilderness lakes not accessible by road, and be able to experience paddle boarding in such a beautiful and surreal atmosphere! Check out the gallery of kayaks and SUPs we offer and call to book your next adventure with us!

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